Koalas and Kangaroos 3 – 6 year

3 – 6 year old room

The pre-school zone! Here the focus is on encouraging the development of the primary skills for the age group in the areas of language, cognitive, physical and social development. We have 5 staff across both playrooms, every day, including 2 Early Childhood Teachers, 2 Diploma trained workers, and a trainee across the week. There are also some days where we have a support worker for child with additional needs. We have up to 20 children in each class. Kangaroo and Koalas staff work together to provide a simultaneous indoor and outdoor program in the morning session which provides children with optimal choice about their play and learning. We separate into our own rooms for Group time, lunch, rest time and early afternoon session, where we enjoy some specific pre-maths and pre-writing / reading activities.

Many activities and experiences are designed to excite and motivate young children’s sense of discovery and creation. Both the Koala and Kangaroo playrooms provide a safe and secure environment where the development of a positive attitude to learning, and making discoveries and solving problems is encouraged. We help children to become more independent and self-reliant in self-help tasks and in play. Children will also build positive relationships with other children and adults and develop muscular control and co- ordination. These skills will be developed through activities such as: various forms of art and craft, working with construction materials, drawing and working with sensory materials, dramatic play and music/movement activities.

The particular needs of our older preschoolers, in their final year before starting formal schooling are facilitated through a range of developmentally appropriate, school readiness activities and experiences. Older preschoolers are often good role models for their younger peers and both, older and younger preschoolers benefit greatly from playing together.

The program is displayed near the sign in area. We work together with you the parents to care for your child, any input you have is greatly appreciated and welcomed.