Possums 0 – 2 year

0 – 2 year old room

This is our babies’ room, which cares for up to 10 children each day aged from 6 weeks up to 2 years. This room has two Diploma Trained staff members and a Child Care Assistant. During the day we play, talk, sing, and care for each child, working with their individual sleeping, toileting, feeding and nurturing routines. Communicating with parents about their child’s own individual needs and routines is essential, and helps us to keep to this routine as much as possible. We provide a ‘eat, sleep and nappy chart’, near change area which outlines for parents their child’s specific routine for the day, including sleep and wake times, feeding and toileting routines.

At this age children are learning primarily through their senses and through exploration and discovery of the environment. We provide many different opportunities for the children to learn and explore in a safe environment through programmed activities and also through routine times such as lunchtime and nappy change time. Our program is on display near the children’s sign on area.

Please feel free to take a look, ask any questions, and make any suggestions you may have. We value all families and their beliefs, and your input is welcomed regarding any aspect of the program or routine.