Wombats 2 – 3 year

2 – 3 year old room

This is our toddler room, where staff care for up to 16 children each day, the children in the Wombat Room are aged 2 – 3 years. There are 3 staff in the room each day, one Diploma trained staff member, one Child Care Assistant and one Trainee. Some of the children are toilet trained and some are not. Children in the wombat room are at a very important time in child development.
Children are using more language, are more co-ordinated, love to sing and dance and seek adventure at this stage. Our program provides activities that further extend all skills as well as develop or improve new ones. For example: the children’s finger control and fine motor skills are rapidly improving. The activities we provide help them to master scissor cutting, threading, tearing and pencil control to name a few. Most Wombat children are able to speak in short sentences – and if not – they have plenty of friends to encourage them (as well as carers). Turn taking is important and we lay the foundations of sharing. Some Wombat children will take turns without a fuss, and some not so easy. It all takes time and a lot of practise.

Our program is designed to engage and excite young minds and foster self-esteem and creative development across all domains. The program is displayed near the sign in area. We work together with you the parents to care for your child/ren, any input you have is greatly appreciated and welcomed.